“There is nothing arcane about it.” Not too long ago, I attended some performances led by and co-arranged Michael Pisaro, focusing on the music of Christian Wolff and Manfred Werder, on the occasion of the latter’s visit to the West Coast. To the uninitiated, Wolff’s piece “Metal & Breath (2007)” may have sounded like pure silliness. To followers of his music, it might sound completely playful, and perfectly situated within […]

Recording and mixing is complete on ‘Apparatchiks’, for voice, percussion, and bass instrumentation. Written in 2013, Tim Feeney, Sarah Hennies, and Greg Stuart (who comprise the excellent Meridian percussion trio) provided the percussion parts for this work while on their East Coast tour in the Spring of 2014. For the bass role, Christian Weber (Switzerland) contributed his brilliant interpretation of the score. The piece was written as a means of […]