Recording and mixing is complete on ‘Apparatchiks’, for voice, percussion, and bass instrumentation. Written in 2013, Tim Feeney, Sarah Hennies, and Greg Stuart (who comprise the excellent Meridian percussion trio) provided the percussion parts for this work while on their East Coast tour in the Spring of 2014. For the bass role, Christian Weber (Switzerland) contributed his brilliant interpretation of the score.

The piece was written as a means of addressing a common societal challenge: the reception of clear messages and communications in an otherwise chaotic cultural environment. Occasional reprieves from the clutter and noise — chance occurrences in daily life — are written into the score. And later, another element: the fusion and synthesis of any discernible message into another. This sequence was written to mirror the backing track to almost any attempt at communication in our electronically-mechanized and overly congested world of information transmission. A ceaseless stream of dialogue, loyal to the noise.

apparatchiks thumb

Percussionist 1: the industrial constant
Texts 1-5: the dialogues
Percussionists 2 and 3, and Bass: the inherent musicality available to us underneath and within it all

The music colors the chaos; the dialogues and the constant are periodically altered through chance accompaniment.

Written works sourced for this iteration of the piece:

“At the Forest’s Edge” — from Raymond Queneau’s Stories and Remarks
A Handbook On Hanging — Charles Duff
“African Grammar” — from Roland Barthes’ Mythologies
Youth — Joseph Conrad
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism — Max Weber

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